Our History


PetroBAL is a new oil Company focused on the E&P hydrocarbons sector incorporated in March 2015.

It is part of GrupoBAL, a Mexican conglomerate with businesses in Mining, Insurance, Financial Sector and Commercial Operations.

PetroBal has built a strong professional team of Engineers and Geoscientists with and extensive experience in the Oil & Gas Industry.

We have a strong portfolio of potential investment.

PetroBAL has the corporate support of Grupo BAL and its financial, legal and strategic teams.


Maximize the resource value of our investors and the Company.


To be ranked for the investors, the favorite and the most competitive Oil and Gas Operator operating onshore and offshore fields in Mexico and abroad.


  • Work Efficiently, Company and Investors Loyalty
  • Transparency and honesty in the management of Company resources and relations with third parties
  • Respect for people and institutions
  • Polite behavior inside and outside the company

Management Team

PetroBAL has a great team of experts in the oil and gas sector

Chief Executive Officer Carlos Morales G.
Reservoir and Operations Management Director Freddy Escobar R.
Management and Contract Processes Director Manuel Alegría C.
Geophysics Analysis Director Arturo Soto C.
Reservoir Geology Director Domingo Saavedra T.
Geology Analysis Director Fernando López A.
Health, Safety and Environment Director Rodolfo Maya S.
Legal Analysis Deputy Director Roberto Ramírez A.
Reservoir Management Deputy Director Ernesto Cisneros V.
Petrophysics Deputy Director Pedro Anguiano R.
Geophysics Interpretations Deputy Director Luis Ramírez C.
Economics Analysis Deputy Director Jesús Herrera D.
Well Engineering Deputy Director Karan Coronado P.
Senior Geophysicist Hugo Saucedo R.
Health and Safety Deputy Director Roberto Valverde R.
Reservoir Engineer Jorge Verdejo C.
Geologist Cintya Moreno del M.
Well Engineer Rodrigo Pacheco S.